Global Networking Opportunities at PLEXCONNECT 2024

upcoming plastic exhibition in India

The Indian plastic industry has some of the fastest growth rates globally, with 7.7% growth in polymer production in the previous 5 years. The industry employs over 5 million people and has over 50,000 plastic processing units. The industry exports to over 200+ countries worldwide, and PlexConnect, a renowned plastic trade show, is one of the opportunities that bring hundreds of exporters and thousands of buyers together. Both parties can network and form business partnerships that lead to innovation and better technology for more plastic products.

PLEXCONNECT 2024: A Plastic Exhibition for Exporters and Buyers

PlexConnect 2024 is an upcoming plastic exhibition in India. It will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Nesco, Mumbai, from June 7 to June 9 in halls 2 and 3. 900 international buyers, 500 Indian exporters, and over 25,000 trade visitors from over a hundred countries will gather for this grand event at its 20,000-square-metre venue.

The plastic exhibition is a great opportunity to witness the latest innovations and technology. This expo is focused on expanding the possibilities of Indian plastic exports and getting the industry to new heights. You can visit the exhibition’s official platform and register as an Indian or international exhibitor or even a visitor. You must also fill out a form to buy from the exhibition. 

The PlexConnect 2024 is a business networking platform where Indian suppliers and global buyers can connect and meet like-minded individuals. The expo focuses on inviting more international plastics buyers who will meet the exhibitors and fulfil their sourcing requirements.

PLEXCONCIL: Initiating the Globalisation of Indian Plastic

The revolutionary PlexConnect 2024 is organised by PLEXCONCIL, short for the Plastics Export Promotion Council. Established in 1955, it has promoted India as a plastic source hub. The council has opened new doors for the plastics industry by creating a platform where Indian exporters and international buyers can meet. It acts as the industry’s voice and makes India a major player in the international plastic market. PLEXCONCIL’s actions are reflected in the continuous growth of the Indian plastics industry and its recognition.

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